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People are the greatest asset of any organization.


We empower companies by providing the right people to drive success. We are passionate about recruiting. We partner with companies to quickly understand their needs and deliver results. This is done by carefully assessing the company, assimilating needs, strategically sourcing highly qualified candidates and delivering the best person for the job.

“The best investment any firm will ever make is whatever it takes to get the best individual for the job” ~ Andrew Carnegie

Recruiting is an art, not a science. There are some processes that naturally resist definition and standardization – such is the process of recruiting. What we call “art” is often described as “judgment-based work,” “craft work,” or “professional work.” At Empower, we don’t just throw resumes or bodies at our clients like so many firms do. We carefully analyze the company’s culture, goals and vision; then we carefully analyze the candidate’s personalities, abilities, work ethics and goals to determine if there is a good fit. It truly is an art to be able to accurately “judge” and we have fine-tuned our craft over the last 15 years.

Empower provides recruiting services for both temporary and permanent basis across all specialties in technology & digital marketing. While we do cover all specialties, a few of our core focus areas include: Big Data, CyberSecurity / InfoSec / Information Security, Database professionals / DBA / Developer / Architects, Business Intelligence, Software Developers / Architects and Email Marketing.



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“In the end an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.” ~Lou Gerstner after his unlikely & historic turnaround of IBM.